What do I do?

I help you make truthful choices and find truthful answers to questions of Strategy, Organizational Development and Leadership.

Our potential cooperation always starts from a clear question. Because without a question there is no true answer. In answering this question, I like to use the following principle: “Let the people who do the work tell us what we should do”. In other words, we involve the organization and its members in our project work.

This presupposes that we are dealing with “Truthful peopleā€, who know what they are talking about. That there is room for dialogue and for thinking out loud. And that people are knowledgeable and constructive in their approach and teamwork.

I also coach executives and senior managers in their choices and considerations. In these sessions we primarily focus on business issues and leadership challenges.

How do I work?

In my role as consultant I often fulfill a several roles during the course of a project. In the first instance, I will organize the internal dialogue, I will facilitate processes and consequently I will challenge and contribute on content and consistency of choices made.

Usually the following questions will be asked during a project:

  1. What is going on? (Exploration current situation and options)
  2. How would we like it to be different? (Initial sketch of desired change outcome)
  3. What do we stand for and what drives us? (Recalibration Inner Purpose and Strategy)
  4. What are we going to do (different, better) in the coming period to make this happen? (Making strategy tangible and concrete)
  5. Who is going to take concrete steps in execution?
  6. How are we going to follow that up and share successes so that successes grow and spread?


When we have done our work well, that last question will answer itself.

Strategy projects usually have more emphasis on questions 1 to 3. Organizational development and implementation assignments mainly address questions 4, 5 and 6. But that is a rough division. In the end, it starts with the central question and the rest is derived from that.

In my role as coach, I ask a lot of questions to get you thinking and to hopefully help you to develop new insights. The location depends on what we have formulated as the most important question and point of focus. It could be your office. A walk in the woods or on the beach. A trip to a foreign city. Locations serves purpose.

Who do I work with?

I’m one of the initiators behind vibrant-thinking.org. A website that provides a platform to think about and work on what we call: VIBRANT ORGANIZATIONS. This is an international platform in which I collaborate with Prof. Dr. Utho Creusen and Anna-Leena Haarkamp. If you want to know more about the platform’s ideas and services click here. Vibrant-thinking.org

EFMI Business School
Since many years I teach Strategy, Positioning and Concept development at the EFMI Business School. In addition, I am program director for one of the executive programs: Food Chain Revolution.
If you want to know more about EFMI and its programs click here. efmi.nl

The Management School St. Gallen
Since the start of 2023 I am involved with MSSG. We have designed an Executive Program called Rethinking Leadership. In the course we explore the dimensions of VIBRANT THINKING as they pertain to issues of Leadership, Organisational Development and Strategy.