Koen Hazewinkel
nice to meet you

I have been advising on issues of Strategy, Organizational Development and Leadership for more than twenty years now. I have a lot of knowledge and experience within the food sector, both retail and manufacturing but I am also active in other sectors. I work internationally and have insight into many geographical markets within Europe and beyond.

I am also one of the founders of vibrant-thinking.org. A knowledge platform that focuses on the development of a more dynamic perspective on management, leadership and strategy.

All my working life I have been connected to the academic world. After Nyenrode University and Cornell University I am now a core lecturer at the EFMI Business School, where I teach courses on Strategy, Leadership and Organisational Development. Furthermore, I am a faculty member at the Management School St. Gallen, where I teach the course Rethinking Leadership.

Finally, I give lectures at conferences and meetings.